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MGE Wiki
The largest and most up-to-date wiki for the MGE franchise.

Recentnews icon.png Recent News

August 4th, 2017
The first issue in our new Monthly Update series is now available - check it out here!

August 3rd, 2017
The chat mod process has concluded with the addition of our two new trials - Kit and Revenant! Thanks to everyone who applied, we had a really strong showing this time around. If you didn't make the cut then don't fret, just keep your eyes peeled for future moderator drives.

July 28th, 2017
The Wiki's front page has received a much needed facelift! If you have any feedback or want to report a bug, leave a message in the #feedback channel or submit a bug report!

July 25th, 2017
New sample images (including a full-color cover) has been made available on the World Guide III: Sabbath Grimoire page.

July 14th, 2017
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the following publications have had their release dates pushed back to Comiket 93 (Dec. 29 - Dec. 31):

July 13th, 2017
AGuyOnTheInternets has been promoted to Lore Keeper.

July 5th, 2017
We've got 2 new additions to our Discord server: a role for Content Creators and the #commission_ads channel. Content producers can use these new tools to get more public notice and put up ads highlighting their work for potential commissions. For full details be sure to check out the announcement and channel pin!

July 3rd, 2017
A miscommunication with our domain host caused the site to become temporarily unavailable earlier this morning. We've corrected the error and are back online - thanks for your patience!

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Newgirl icon.png New Monster Girls

Nur s.jpg Nurarihyon
April 22nd, 2017
Ochi s.jpg Ochimusha
April 8th, 2017
Rat s.jpg Ratatoskr
March 12th, 2017