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The MGEWiki is a free, volunteer-created encyclopedia, dedicated to the works of author Kenkou Cross. Over time, policies and customs have developed which reflect the experience of editors who are constantly learning and refining how to create balanced, well-sourced, informative articles, and how to work with others and resolve conflict when it arises. If you learn about our standards and practices, you will likely be treated with kindness and respect.

The wiki previously used a very detailed and very 'thick' set of rules that covered new scenarios as they cropped up. In an effort to make the rules more digestible to newcomers, we've slimmed them down considerably into a handful of notable points per section. If you have any question about the current rule set please don't hesitate to contact a staff member with further inquires.

Any user who attempts to subvert his suspension ("ban evasion") will receive a permanent ban. All judgements are made at the discretion of attending staff. Wiki staff reserves the right to make any changes to the rules without prior notification.

Global Community Rules

1. Respect your fellow Wiki members. Everyone has a different interpretation of the canon text so respect each other's ideas.

  • Use of racial epithets will result in an instant suspension.

2. Discussions on the Wiki should be related to to the MGE series. New pages must be related to MGE and sourced from official material.

3. Images not related to the MGE franchise will be removed. Memes and other off-topic images/videos will be removed.

4. Do not post/upload content from Kenkou's Enty page.

5. In accordance with the wishes of Kenkou Cross, "anti-monster" content will be removed from the wiki. Discussion of violence and the Order are acceptable since both fall within canonical boundaries.

6. No roleplay or fanfiction postings here. For that, you need to go to the old Wikia site that has been reconfigured.

tl;dr Stay on topic, don't be a dick, and respect your fellow users.

Discord Chat Rules

1. Respect your fellow chatters. Act civilly and treat others with respect. Disagreements can be solved without spitting venom.

2. Discord chat is for roleplay and casual conversation. Your post may get lost in the chat stream so please be patient and do not spam.

3. Roleplay is restricted to one of the four available RP channels. If a roleplay is taking place in your currently selected room, you must find a new room or wait the minimum 4 hour time limit.

4. Moderators will not be available 24/7. If a particular user is causing trouble then screenshot all relevant points of the conversation and submit a report to our anonymous form.

tl;dr Don't interrupt ongoing roleplay sessions, follow the channel rules, respect your fellow users, and file an anonymous report if staff isn't online.

For the full set of Discord rules, read the expanded document here.

Disciplinary Policy

Violations are judged on a case-by-case basis with less serious cases receiving less serious punishments.

Verbal Warning

  • In the vast majority of cases, users will receive a verbal warning.

24 Hour Ban

  • Users who continue to act up will receive a 24 hour ban from a staff member.

24+ Hour Bans

  • If deemed necessary, bans greater than 24 hours will be handed out as punishment.
  • All 24hr+ bans are site wide and generally range from 2 - 7 days in length.

Bans greater than 24 hours in length can be appealed through this form.