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Administrators (Website)

Administrators, commonly known as admins or sysops (system operators), are wiki editors who have been granted the technical ability to perform certain special actions on the MGE Wiki. They include the ability to block and unblock user accounts and IP addresses from editing, edit fully protected pages, protect and unprotect pages from editing, delete and undelete pages, rename pages without restriction, and use certain other tools. Administrators are not subject to any form of gating including reCaptcha and rate limiting.

A more detailed spread of information on the "sysop" user group is available in the MediaWiki Manual.

Current administrators

Roleplay Moderators (Website)

Roleplay moderators, commonly referred to as RP mods, are wiki editors who have been assigned the duty of monitoring roleplay interactions and user-created fan fiction to assure adherence to our community guidelines. Roleplay moderators are tasked with regularly reviewing fan fiction pieces to ensure compliance and are the first ones called into action to settle roleplay disputes.

Current roleplay moderators

Content Editors (Website)

Content editors, commonly referred to as editors, are wiki editors who have been assigned the duty of reviewing uploads and edits made by users to assure all of our content standards (Proper citations, accurate summaries of content, well organised listings, etc.) are met. Content editors share an elevated set of permissions including the ability to issue rollbacks, flag pages/images for fast deletion, edit most protected pages, and operate with a significantly increased rate limit. Content moderators are not subject to reCaptcha gating.

Content editors are held to a much more relaxed standard of participation; they are required to make one (1) edit per every thirty (30) days, regardless of namespace or content, to retain their position. Content moderators who appear absent for more than 30 days will be subject to dismissal.

Current content editors

Chat Moderators (Discord)

Chat moderators, commonly referred to as chat mods, are users who have been assigned the duty of monitoring Discord chat to assure adherence to our community guidelines. Chat moderators are tasked with regularly monitoring our Discord chat server and diplomatically resolving any disputes that arise between users. Chat moderators do not receive elevated permissions on the wiki by default but can very easily be granted a dual role as a content moderator per request.

Current chat moderators

Current trial chat moderators

  • (Hit) Dapper Deadman#7944
  • Madam Melko#2449

Lore Keepers (Discord)

Lore Keepers are users who have been tested by an administrator (see above) and verified as being knowledgeable in canon Monster Girl Encyclopedia lore and have earned a title recognising this fact. This role was added so that members of chat with questions about the setting knew who they could turn to for get trusted, reliable answers related to canonical knowledge of the settings and it's derivatives. While they are listed here on our staff page, Lore Keepers aren't considered fully elevated members of the Wiki crew and as such, do not have any official, staff obligations. That means if you need help with something on the website or something within the Discord itself, you're best bet is to go directly to a chat moderator.

Lore keepers are held to the same standard of participation as regular Discord members; they are required to be active once every thirty (30) days to retain their position.

Current lore keepers

  • Karina#1655
  • Corona#2933
  • Azuriu#0996
  • AGuyOnTheInternets#8009