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Published Works
Published Works

A catalog of everything released under the Monster Girl Encyclopedia name. Includes non-canon material and doujinshi works by creators other than Kenkou Cross.

The Monster Girl Encyclopedia originally started out as a compendium of knowledge concerning monster girls, also known as mamono, created by the artist Kenkou Cross. Written from the viewpoint of a nameless traveler, the encyclopedia's most often recognised element is the monster girl "profiles", ecological write-ups about each race. Since its inception, Monster Girl Encyclopedia has grown to include a larger setting, painting a picture of the lively and prosperous monster girl world. While newer books have invalidated some information in older publications, your best bet for full comprehension is to read the canon series (marked with a green check) in chronological order, as it's listed below.

Chronological index[edit]


  1. Monster Girl Encyclopedia Stories: Shadow and Light Symphony was released independently, not at a Comiket event.
  2. Monster Girl Encyclopedia Art Book was released independently, not at a Comiket event.
  3. Introducing My Monster Girl Lover! Encyclopedia Omnibus was released independently, not at a Comiket event.
Cover Title Release Date Canon? Comiket Contributor(s)
Mge marchv1 cover.jpg Monster Girl March Vol. I Unknown Canon yes.png Unknown Kenkou Cross
Mge1 cover.JPG Monster Girl Encyclopedia I December 31st, 2010 Canon yes.png C79 (Winter) Kenkou Cross
Mges diary cover.jpeg Stories: Diary of the Age of Monster Love December 31st, 2010 Canon no.png C79 (Winter) Strange
Kenkou Cross
Mges baphometcomplex cover.jpg Stories: Baphomet Complex August 14th, 2011 Canon no.png C80 (Summer) Strange
Kenkou Cross
Mges kitsunelove cover.jpg Stories: Inari - Kitsune Love Chapters August 14th, 2011 Canon no.png C80 (Summer) Kenkou Cross
The Dullahan's Groom
Mgewg fm1 cover.jpg World Guide I: Fallen Maidens August 14th, 2011 Canon yes.png C80 (Summer) Kenkou Cross
Mges fallenbrides cover.jpeg Stories: Fallen Brides August 12th, 2012 Canon no.png C82 (Summer) Kenkou Cross
Various Authors
Mges sisterfalling cover.jpg Stories: Sister Falling August 12th, 2012 Canon no.png C82 (Summer) Strange
Kenkou Cross
Mgewg wg2 cover.JPG World Guide II August 12th, 2012 Canon yes.png C82 (Summer) Kenkou Cross
Mges shadowandlight cover.JPG Stories: Shadow and Light Symphony August 31st, 2012 Canon no.png n/a[1] Sudeo
The Dullahan's Groom
Mges diary2 cover.jpg Stories: Diary Of The Age of Monster Love II August 11th, 2013 Canon no.png C84 (Summer) Strange
Kenkou Cross
Ex1 sandworm cover.jpg Introducing My Monstergirl! EX1 2012 Canon no.png C86 (Summer) Stealth Changing Line
Ex2 kraken cover.jpg Introducing My Monstergirl! EX2 2012 Canon no.png C87 (Winter) Stealth Changing Line
Mges afterschool cover.jpg Stories: After-School Alice Tale December 30th, 2014 Canon no.png C87 (Winter) Strange
Kenkou Cross
Mge artbook cover.png Monster Girl Encyclopedia Art Book 2015 Canon no.png n/a[2] Araya Kouki
Ex3 liliraune cover.jpg Introducing My Monstergirl! EX3 Summer, 2015 Canon no.png C88 (Summer) Stealth Changing Line
Mgedr welcome cover.jpg Damage Report: Cheshire Cat's Welcome to Wonderland December 31st, 2015 Canon yes.png C89 (Winter) Kenkou Cross
Mges imperator cover.jpg Stories: The Imperator Doesn't Sleep December 31st, 2015 Canon no.png C89 (Winter) Strange
Kenkou Cross
Ex4 jabberwock cover.jpg Introducing My Monstergirl! Encyclopedia Omnibus 2016 Canon no.png n/a[3] Stealth Changing Line
Mge2 cover.jpg Monster Girl Encyclopedia II August 14th, 2016 Canon yes.png C90 (Summer) Kenkou Cross
Mgewgs dragonia cover.jpg World Guide - Side I: Dragonia August 14th, 2016 Canon yes.png C90 (Summer) Will
Kenkou Cross
Mges fallengame cover.jpg Another Story of Fallen Maidens: Fallen Hero and the Magic Sword of Truth August 14th, 2016 Canon no.png C90 (Summer) Exet
Kenkou Cross
Mgedr casedemon cover.jpg Damage Report: Case - Demon August 14th, 2016 Canon no.png C90 (Summer) Sasai
Kenkou Cross
Succnotebook cover1.jpg Succubus Notebook 2017 Canon yes.png C92 (Summer) Kenkou Cross
WGS15 cover1.jpg World Guide - Side 1.5: Wilmarina's Honeymoon 2017 Canon no.png C92 (Summer) Will
Kenkou Cross
Damagereport-automaton cover1.jpg Damage Report - Case: Automaton 2017 Canon no.png C92 (Summer) Sasai
Rmgecd catalogue1.jpg Recorded Monster Girl Encounter - Case: Dragon 2017 Canon no.png C92 (Summer) Wasabi Yuma
Demonboss cover1.jpg Ms. Sayaka is my Demon Boss! 2017 Canon no.png C92 (Summer) Sasai
Wgs2 cover1.jpg World Guide - Side II 2017 Canon yes.png DC93 (Winter) Will
Kenkou Cross
ASoFM2 cover.png Another Story of Fallen Maidens II: Lescatie Infiltration Report 2017 Canon no.png C93 (Winter) Exet
Kenkou Cross
Haremofcollar cover1.jpg Harem of Collar 2017 Canon no.png C93 (Winter) Orange
Kenkou Cross
WG3 cover1.jpg World Guide III 2018 Canon yes.png Delayed to C94 (Summer) Kenkou Cross
Wgs3 cover1.jpg Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide - Side III 2018 Canon no.png Delayed to C94 (Summer) Will
Kenkou Cross